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How a smart board enhances preschool learning ?

Technology has advanced significantly over the past few years. Our reliance on it has increased in leaps and bounds, and we use it for everything from helping us find places to improving our entertainment experiences. We often think of learning, however, as a person standing in front of us or our children and dictating but this is no longer the case. Technology has also enhanced learning in many ways such as eBooks and Smart Boards, for preschool learning all the way through university. These new technology methods have made learning less passive and more interactive. 


A Smart Board is an interactive white board used by companies and schools as educational tools to help enhance learning. They replace conventional boards and allow people to write on them with special pens but also have an array of other features because of their connection to a computer and the internet. This connection turns the board into the ultimate educational tool as it becomes like a tablet.

How do smart boards enhance learning ?

Smart boards enhance learning by allowing teachers to do more than they would be able to do on conventional boards. For example:

  • Save Work

As mentioned earlier, you can write on Smart Boards using the special pens provided as you would a normal board but, with Smart Boards, you can save work for future reference. In other words, if a lesson is not completed on one day or generally needs to be referenced back to, then the teacher can easily access that file and the saved work of the lesson will be brought up on the screen.

  • More Than Just Writing

Writing can often be tiresome and doesn’t always convey the information in the best way. Smart Boards allow teachers to bring up other programs to educate in different ways. These include things such as slideshows which have pictures, etc.

Another way in which Smart Boards allow teachers to be more versatile with their educating is because of their ability to play video content. Many of us remember being at school and the teacher bringing in the media cart with a TV and video player to present educational videos. However, with YouTube and other video hosting platforms, that is no longer necessary as all the educational content can be played directly on the Smart Board. This is especially helpful in preschool environments where educational videos can capture the children’s attention and imagination.


Various studies have shown that by making use of smart technology in the classroom, test scores, student learning and student literacy improve. Furthermore, the technology has been shown to increase how attentive the learners are in the classroom as well as increasing understanding of the content they are presented with.

Smart Boards are an excellent example of how technology can be used in preschools to enhance learning in various ways such as including video content. At Papakidz, we understand that our children are growing up in a world of technology. We use Smart Boards in the classroom to expand our curriculum and help our children learn through a hands-on approach with technology.


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