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At Papakidz, you will find:

Experienced teachers

Our lead teachers have years of preschool teaching experience and know how to effectively manage their classrooms. Our teachers recognize that each child develops and learns at his own pace and therefore, curriculums are adjusted to meet the needs of the children in the class. Teachers’ styles and learning approaches vary to keep learning interesting and enjoyable

Technology integrated classroom

We provide our students with state-of-art interactive boards in classrooms to make lessons more interactive, fun and engaging for students. Children learn through the use of color, number, math and phonological awareness activities, that offer a hands-on approach with technology.

Dual-language curriculum

At Papakidz, english lessons are not simply as an “add-on” subject area, like in other preschools. Our curriculum is presented bilingually and students are gradually immersed in dual language program.

Spacious and modern facilities

Our preschool features a state-of-the-art facility with large indoor and outdoor play areas, lots of natural light and airy learning spaces. Our facilities have been carefully designed to provide optimal learning opportunities, social interactions and great experiences.

Thematic project based learning and STEAM

We use the principles of thematic project-based learning that provides a context to the subject learning, which helps students to develop their understanding of their learning. All of our curriculum is developed by us and is further adapted by our teachers for teaching mixed-aged groups, to be able to reach any learner at their own “intellectual” age. An acronym for science, technology, engineering, art and math, STEAM activities are meant to instill curiosity, and critical thinking, helping kids develop the skills needed to be successful in life. 

Low ratios

We are committed to maintaining low teacher to student ratios to best meet the needs of all children. Low ratios enable teachers to better understand your child as a unique person and to adapt learning activities to meet individual needs.

Individual learning plan

Our teaching strategy takes into consideration the student's strengths and weaknesses, based on periodic developmental screening, to tailor the learning experience for each student

Nurturing environment

Your child will be surrounded with warm, caring, and friendly teachers who understand your child’s developmental stages. Your child will feel nurtured and most importantly, respected. Before learning can occur, we believe that a child needs to feel loved, safe and confident in their learning environment.

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Frequently asked questions

At Papakidz, formal assessments are conducted from 2 to 6 times per year, based on child’s needs and age. These developmental screening not only help parents to understand where their child is in his or her development, but also what areas can be strengthened. We incorporate both informal and standardized assessments during the year, as well as noting the individuality of each child relative to his or her own progress. These assessments guide us, in developing our curriculum so that it matches the needs of the children in the class. Teachers’ observations of a child reflect the child’s growth and needs, both as an individual and as part of a group. If we have a concern about your child’s development, a meeting is required regardless of age. Meetings may also be requested at other times by either parents or teachers as the need arises.

We offer up to 14 days free of charge (tuition fee), for any children aged 6 months to 6 years old ! A free trial class experience will allow your child the chance to get a feel of how everyday is fun and exciting at Papakidz preschool, as well as meet our teachers, play or interact with like-minded peers. Please contact our admission team to find out more : +84 243 2008181 or

Papakidz preschool create a classroom environment conductive to learning with spacious, open spaces and with ample natural lights. Our students can also enjoy a separate STEAM lab and a multifunctional play area of more than 500 m2, to guarantee fun and diverse educational experiences, regardless the weather conditions. Our large infrastructure and well-thought out learning spaces, allow us to comfortably accommodate 10 to 20 students per classroom, depending on the children’s ages.


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